iPhone 5 LTE confirmed by Korean mobile carriers

This week it appears that the Korean mobile data carrier KT may have spilled the beans a bit early as they've been quoted speaking about the next-generation iPhone by the Korea Times. According to that publication, a senior KT executive spoke on the very near future of their Apple collaboration: "KT is in negotiation with Apple to persuade the latter to support KT's 1.8-gigahertz frequency in Korea for the upcoming iPhone." This of course means Korea's 4G LTE frequencies will be in play – and that it's likely the USA will be connected with this data speed as well.

While Korea uses the massively speedy 1.8-gigatertz frequency (with KT, anyway) for LTE, back in the United States we've got a couple of different solutions. AT&T uses both 700MHz and 2.1GHz while Verizon uses just 700MHz. The Korea Times noted that Korea's SK Telecom had confirmed with them that they'd be getting the next-generation iPhone with 4G LTE connectivity as well.

Each different frequency here requires that Apple create a different hardware build for the iPhone at this moment in history, with several different models of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S existing already in the USA. Other details on the iPhone have been scant as far as official word from the manufacturer, but tips have been falling down like rain. Rumors on the device include a release date of September 21st and an announcement date of September 12th, both dates having been "revealed", so to speak, earlier this month.

The next-generation iPhone will likely have a 4-inch display, a thinner body, and an advanced processor under the hood. Expect this device to bring with it a brand new dock connector, quicker wired connections, and the full version of iOS 6. Also expect it to herald lower prices for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, too. Check out the timeline below to see more iPhone action from the past couple of weeks!

[via Korea Times]