iPhone 4S/5 to have curved glass fascia?

Apple's fifth-gen iPhone – which, rumor may have it, may either launch as the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5 – could have a curved glass fascia, according to the latest leaks from Taipei. Apple has supposedly invested in 200 to 300 specialist glass cutting machines, DigiTimes' sources tell them, which will be used to create the new handset's cover glass.

The exact nature of the curve intended is unclear. One possibility is that it could arch like the fascia of Samsung's Nexus S, which the company said made one-handed control more straightforward. Alternatively, it could bow outward like the bulbous glass on the Dell Venue.

Apple is now reportedly working with cover glass, glass cutting, lamination and touch sensor suppliers to make sure panel yields are up to scratch. Previous rumors suggested the new iPhone would launch later in the year than its predecessors, perhaps even just in time for the holiday 2011 shopping season.