iPhone 4S pre-orders open now!

It's October 7 so that means iPhone 4S pre-order day, with the iOS 5 smartphone – announced back on Tuesday – going up for sale from Apple direct, as well as through Verizon, AT&T and Sprint in the US, and multiple international carriers. Anticipation for the new dual-core handset is high, and some carriers are even predicting stock shortages, at least initially; head on past the cut for all the important links and pricing details.

In the US, the iPhone 4S 16GB is priced at $199, the 32GB at $299 and the 64GB at $399. That's with a new, two-year agreement of course. Verizon's page is here, AT&T's is here, and Sprint's is here. Apple's direct store page is here.

In the UK, meanwhile, the iPhone 4 is available from Apple direct, or from several carriers, priced from free on contract depending on your monthly spend. Vodafone is offering pre-orders here, T-Mobile UK is here, and Orange is here. Apple is offering the iPhone 4S unlocked and SIM free in the UK for £499, £599 and £699 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions respectively.

You can find out our first-impressions of the iPhone 4S in our hands-on report. Don't forget to let us know whether you're picking up an iPhone 4S in our poll, below!

Update: Looks like there are some hiccups on pre-sale day – Apple's Stores still haven't come back online as of 3:30AM ET, and AT&T is reportedly having issues accepting orders too. We're hearing multiple success stories with Verizon's system, however, as well as some of the international carriers.Update 2: Apple Store is online in the US and UK for orders, as of 3:41AM ET.

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