iPhone 4's Poor Reception Could be Software Related [Video]

If you've followed the tech industry for any discernible amount of time, then you know that when something launches, it's usually the bad parts that get covered the most. Despite the reviews, or the fact that probably not even half of the people who ordered/purchased an iPhone 4 have received theirs (yet), reports of poor reception launched out onto the Internet. It didn't help that there were further reports of discoloration in the screen. If it's not one thing, it's another. But, just like we reported earlier today with the yellow screens, it's looking like that reception problem could be something short-lived.

And, yes, we'll go ahead and say that there's plenty of people out there who aren't having any problems with their new iPhones. In fact, we'd be willing to bet that the "broken" models out there aren't all that common — they just have the louder voice. So, to help the situation, a YouTube user has gone ahead and posted a video showcasing his iPhone 3G, which he recently installed iOS4 onto. Sure enough, holding the iPhone 3G in the same way that you'd hold an iPhone 4 to have the same problems, it lost its signal pretty quickly.

So, if it's a software bug, it can be fixed, and we'd be willing to bet that Apple engineers all over the place in Cupertino are hard at work at just that. Furthermore, there are reports coming in that suggest despite having a low bar count, or not having any bars at all displayed on the iPhone 4, people are still able to make calls just fine, as if they had full signal. So, it's definitely sounding more and more like a software situation, rather than a faulty hardware issue. Which is good. If you've been having issues, let us know in the comments — tell us your story!

[via Boy Genius Report]