iPhone 4S may run afoul of Samsung antenna patents

The iPhone 4S smartphone is an interesting device and it will surely be a thorn in the side of competitors. Samsung and Apple have been fighting patent battles in court around the world and the iPhone 4S may spark a new patent suit fight. According to the expert that predicted the iPhone 4 antenna issue, the 4S may infringe on Samsung patents. The expert is Gert Frølund Pedersen.

Pedersen thinks that the design of the new iPhone 4S will fix the infamous antenna issues when holding the iPhone 4, but it has other issues. The expert wants to know if Apple has permission to use the tech inside the antenna. Pedersen and some others think that Apple will find itself at the end of another patent suit from Samsung over the antenna design.

Samsung bought patents in question in 2007 and has not yet used them in a legal battle. The patents appear to cover anything that switches between multiple antennas. The patents in question cover tech that allows a device to select an appropriate antenna in a system with multiple antennas. The iPhone 4S will work on all networks and has two antennas inside.

[via 9to5Mac]