iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 Otterbox case leaks not real

It turns out that the leaked images of some Otterbox phone cases yesterday are not for the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. The phone accessories maker was contacted today after they posted a new banner that reads: "iPhone 4S or iPhone 5? Yes." This message seemed to suggest that Apple will indeed be launching two iPhone models come October, but Otterbox clarified that that's not necessarily the case.TUAW contacted Kelly Richardson of Otterbox regarding the banner and the leaked case images, to which she explained that the images were of prototype packaging, but that the cases contained within were not for the iPhone 4S. It's still unclear as to how those images leaked though.

And as for the banner, Richardson explained that the message was merely to reflect the current speculations going around in the blogosphere and that Otterbox would support both models should they be released.

"We're not even quite sure ourselves," said Richardson. "Like many, we are watching the rumor sites and using information to plan ahead as much as we can. We do not have any confidentiality agreements with Apple."