iPhone 4S In September, No iPhone 5?

Industry analyst predictions for the next-gen iPhone have been all over the place. Rumors initially pointed to an iPhone 5 coming in September, however, later evidence suggested that only a minor upgrade dubbed the iPhone 4S. Soon, insider tips suggested both phones to be on their way. But once again, the winds have changed and now possibly only the iPhone 4S will show up this fall.

According to BMO Capital analyst Keith Bachman, not only are early rumors of an iPhone mini false, but also any plans for an iPhone 5 this September. In a note to investors, Bachman insists that Apple will only be offering a modest upgrade in specs packed into the current iPhone 4 form factor. He even dropped iPhone shipment estimates for the quarter from 18 million down to 17 million. He further suggested that the upgrade would be so minor that the iPhone 4 would not become a budget model and that the iPhone 3GS would continue being the low-end offering at $99.

Bachman's tip to investors contrasts greatly to the most recent wave of speculations suggesting that both versions of the next-gen iPhone would drop in September. The iPhone 4S is said to appear identical externally to the current iPhone 4, but the iPhone 5 will have a "radical new case design." Launch dates for the next-gen iPhones were even predicted to be as early as August.

[via BGR]