iPhone 4S gets new iOS 5.0.1 build, file system now accessible by PC

For those of you on the developer tip, you're more than likely already working on the update that goes by the number 5.1, but for us lowly peasants, there a new build of 5.0.1 out there today for the iPhone 4S that goes by the name 9A406. This update is only one character away from the previous build 9A405 and apparently has somewhat of a hidden yet gigantic change in its guts. As iOS developer/hacker MuscleNerd noted earlier today: this is the first iPhone 4S firmware build that's both official and has an accessible encryption key for its main file system, this pointing directly at your ability to browse the device's main file system with your PC, no trouble!

What this potentially means for hackers and lovers of the possibility that they might get the iPhone 4S experience for themselves alike is that Siri MIGHT be able to be accessed without committing what you and I might call piracy. Siri hacks might become even more abundant than they've been thus far, a true field day perhaps on the horizon. Now one must once again address the idea that since Siri was available BEFORE the iPhone 4S came out, Apple has some sort of magic effect on the public: you didn't want it until Apple said you couldn't have it.

This also opens up the possibility for a whole array of porting possibilities, and though many of us out here in non-hacker-land like to think we don't need such silliness, the possibility for development cannot be dismissed. Apple has thus far not given any word on this update in regards to the encryption key specifically. Will you be flipping the switch? Download the new build direct from Apple now, and make it quick!

[via The Verge]