iPhone 4S delivered early in Germany

A customer in Germany that had the iPhone 4S ordered has found a surprise in his mailbox. It seems that someone somewhere has tossed at least one iPhone 4S into the mail a bit early and one geek has the thing in hand already. The phone was delivered from German Telekom, the same firm that started taking pre-orders before the device was announced.

I guess pre-orders before the announcement goes with shipments leaving ahead of launch. The buyer has some photos of the device to prove that he actually has it in hand. The back of the phone shows it to be model number A1387. That would line up with the iPhone 4. The buyer also offered up a screen shot of the Siri voice recognition function too.

The iPhone 4S is selling in droves, there have already been a million pre-orders. I bet this guy could sell the iPhone 4S in his hands for enough to buy five or six more once they start shipping in quantity. The phone is due to start shipping at the end of the week in several countries and by the end of the month in many more.

[via AppleInsider]