iPhone 4S Confirmed For October 14 Launch

It appears that someone in Japan is about to be in big trouble as their front page now features both the soon-to-be-revealed iPhone 4S and what may be a new iPod Nano. This page also lets us know that October 14th will be the launch date for this new iPhone model (at least in Japan) and one step deeper you'll find that the price has been lowered from 13,800 yen to 10,800 yen. Also note: Apple USA has done some much less suspicious leaking of the same device, this time in uploading images of the iPhone 4S to their servers – of course some intrepid fans found them quickly.

You'll find images of the iPhone 4S to look exactly like the current iPhone 4 images, of course, as the 4S will be only a slight upgrade to the device in a couple of yet-unknown areas. See the first image here: black and white. Take out the S in the URL and you'll find the images to be NEARLY the same save for some slight adjustments to the icons on the screen.

UPDATE: Over in the UK, mobile carrier O2 has apparently sent out an internal memo saying that the iPhone 4S will, similar to the Japanese leak above, be released on the 14th of October.

This is all indicative of the release that's coming imminently at the Apple event which we are indeed liveblogging right this second – stick with us here in the main news feed or head on over to our Livefeed for all the updates as they happen!

[via Apple Japan]