iPhone 4 users that didn't get a free bumper can get $15

If you own an iPhone 4 and didn't take Apple up on their offer of a free bumper back during the antennagate scandal, you now have another option. Rather than taking a free bumper, you can now get $15 as part of the settlement. There are some caveats to taking the free $15 though.

Those caveats include that you must have experienced the antenna issue, have been unable to return your phone without incurring costs, and didn't want to put case or bumper on your phone. If you no longer own the phone, you are also eligible. I guess there's no real way for Apple to prove any of these caveats other than your word.

If you meet the conditions, you can go and claim your $15 now. If you took the free case before you're obviously not eligible and I'm sure Apple does have records of that. If you didn't want a case on your iPhone 4, does this settlement offer make you feel better?

[via Gizmodo]