iPhone 4 Showing Up to Some Customers Early, Way Early

So, the official launch date of the iPhone 4 is still June 24th. At least, that's what we were told when the latest iteration of the iPhone family was announced. And, despite the fact there were some grumblings that something might have changed, we still weren't expecting iPhone 4s to show up any sooner than June 23rd. Well, paint us surprised, because sure enough, some people are getting very lucky.

Thanks to a fine fellow who managed to get his iPhone 4 delivered to him much earlier than he anticipated, we've got picture evidence that it, indeed, did arrive in the mail. It's not a proper unboxing, but then again, the guy's probably too excited to do anything proper. With the exception of take some pictures, of course. We get to see the box in which it came, and then some nice close-ups, just in case there was any doubt that this could be the new iPhone.

So, with these images from one lucky individual, we're also hearing from more tips that a few more people out there have also received theirs. So while more than 600,000 people out there are eagerly awaiting theirs, at least a handful out there are going about their days, playing with iOS4 on their brand new iPhone 4. Lucky them. And if you've got one on order, and you're watching the tracking, let us know where yours is!

[via Boy Genius Report]