iPhone 4 Gets "Will it Blend" Treatment, Has Predictable Outcome [Video]

Considering all the hub-bub about the iPhone 4, and the amount of coverage it's garnered over the last couple of days has been right in line with all the other previous iPhone launches. But we know not everyone out there are iPhone fans, and maybe this video is your time to point and laugh. (Though, truth be told, there's probably plenty of that happening, anyway.) Thanks to the crazy guys over at Blendtec, we've got some more awesome video of today's awesome tech being blended away into oblivion. And, yes. It will blend.

The one thing you'll notice right away, is the fact that they went above and beyond the normal "Will it Blend" videos, and taken a far more "movie-esque" approach. And yes, there's even some intrigue happening in here, that may seem pretty familiar to those who followed the early iPhone 4 leaks. All in good fun, we imagine, and it does indeed lead to the eventual tearing apart of a new iPhone.

The iPhone 4 doesn't seem to take any longer to blend, but considering how easy it cracks when you drop it, at the mercy of one of Blendtec's blenders, we should probably be happy that it doesn't simply explode on contact with one of those ridiculous blades. Check out the video below, and if you're not a fan of the iPhone — enjoy.

[via Blendtec's YouTube Channel]