iPhone 4 for Softbank in Japan to be Equipped with NFC Mobile Payment Stickers Next Year

While we wait to see whether or not the next generation of iPhone features Near Field Communications (NFC) technology in the device itself, wireless carrier Softbank in Japan is ready to get the tech off the ground and running. The carrier is calling it a sticker, but it will cover the majority of the iPhone 4's back panel. However, it won't interfere with cases that you may have on the device, like Apple's Bumper Case. It's no surprise that Softbank would take the steps necessary to give the device limited functionality in the NFC department, considering it has had strong adoption over the last several months.

The wireless carrier is said to be getting ready to debut the NFC seals for the iPhone 4 soon. It's made of polyurethane, and it's said to weigh only 0.5 ounces. The seal will make it possible for iPhone 4 owners in Japan to interact with some of the most commonly used mobile phone payment options. However, details on where users will be able to use the seal are still up in the air, with more information coming in the next few weeks. The seal will cost roughly $36, and Softbank should be ready to launch it February of 2011.

[via MacRumors]