iPhone 4 antennagate class action settlement reached

If you are using an original iPhone 4 today or used one in the past, you probably remember the so-called antennagate scandal. This scandal centered on the fact that if you held the iPhone just right the antenna would lose signal strength. The fix for the antenna issue was to hold the phone differently or use a case that prevented your skin from contacting the antenna area.

Somewhere along the way, the 18 different lawsuits were filed against Apple over the antenna issue and all 18 were eventually consolidated into one class-action suit. The claim in the suit was that Apple was "misrepresenting and concealing material information in the marketing, advertising, sale, and servicing of its iPhone 4–particularly as it relates to the quality of the mobile phone antenna and reception and related software." The class-action suit has now reached a settlement.

A website has been set up for the settlement at www.iPhone4Settlement.com, which is not live as of now. The original buyers of the smartphone are also supposed to get an e-mail before April 30 notifying them of the settlement, and the claim period will last 120 days. The settlement offers owners of the iPhone 4 either $15 cash or a bumper for the phone. I would be more interested to know how much money the attorneys made from the settlement.

[via CNET]