iPhone 3G hacked to run Windows Mobile? Video Demo

A Norwegian developer has apparently hacked the iPhone 3G to run Windows Mobile.  In a video interview at the MyPhone2008 conference, Erik Kristiansen demonstrated his hacked Apple smartphone which clearly shows WM6.1 Pro loading, and then him navigating between different applications including an Excel Mobile spreadsheet and the Today homescreen.Video demo of Windows Mobile running on an Apple iPhone 3G after the cut

Kristiansen suggests that the implementation is currently in beta stage, but will see a release in January 2009.  There are no details of exactly how he has modified the handset and/or the software, but the iPhone 3G is presumably Jailbroken as a starting point.

Presumably Apple fans are currently screaming "why, oh lord, why?" and scratching their heads trying to figure out why you'd want to sully an iPhone 3G with Microsoft's platform.  Without more details, however, there's still the possibility that this could be a fake: a video playing a WM6.1 demo, for instance, with Kristiansen pretending to tap along with it.

[via DailyMobile.se]