iPhone 3G Android hack [Video]

Chris Davies - May 7, 2010, 2:07am CDT
iPhone 3G Android hack [Video]

After the first-gen iPhone saw its Android hack, it’s now the turn of the iPhone 3G to get some Google magic.  Arch hacker David Wang and his team of tinkerers have fettled the port for the second-gen Apple smartphone, and while it’s described as “slightly more rough” than the last achievement, you can still browse the web over the cellular connection, send/receive SMS messages and pretty much use any app which doesn’t require audio support.

Video demo after the cut

That last qualification is because, so far, audio on the Android-running iPhone 3G isn’t cooperating, so you can’t actually make voice calls on it yet or listen to music.  That’s next on their list of challenges, and they reckon it should be working in a few days time.  There’s also a new Android icon to the boot menu, to make it easier to load into the non-official OS, and the WiFi is reportedly more stable too.

David promises a set of packaged binaries and some instructions within the next few days, together with further work on power management and backlighting control.  At this rate, we should see the iPhone 3GS running Android within a few weeks and the iPhone HD going Google before Apple even announce it.

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