iPhone 13 Pro to offer new 1TB option

Apple's big annual event is barely two days away, but that isn't stopping last-minute leaks from flowing in. Despite Apple's recent legal efforts, a lot about the iPhone 13 has already been leaked, but there's always room for some last-minute surprises. Ming-chi Kuo, however, may have stolen Apple's thunder, revealing that this year's iPhone will see a refreshed selection of storage configurations that will offer higher storage capacities while also saying goodbye to a 64GB option.

Right from the start, Apple never put any storage expansion option in the iPhones, something that Google wanted Android OEMs to follow. The storage you buy is what you'll have to live with for the rest of the phone's life. That's why some forward-looking iPhone buyers aim for the top models, no matter how much more expensive they might be.

This year, it seems that Apple has finally broken through the GB barrier if the analyst is to be believed. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will have a 1TB storage configuration available, the largest ever for an iPhone. Some Android phones have long had this option, so it's definitely a good thing that Apple is now offering the same.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini will also get a storage upgrade, but it won't come without a cost. The two will have a new 512GB option along with 128GB and 256GB. That means that the base 64GB storage configuration is going away, which is probably for the better if Apple doesn't raise the starting price too much.

Availability and pricing, however, will be some of the biggest problems that the iPhone 13 will be facing. The former might be caused by the ongoing semiconductor supply shortage, while the latter could be a by-product of TSMC raising its fees. Despite that, the analyst still predicts a strong performance for the iPhone 13, growing by 10% year-on-year before the year ends.