iPhone 13 Pro Max leak shows big changes coming

Just like the iPad Pro that was announced last month, this year's iPhone generation is expected to also get some massive changes. No, it won't be getting a Mini LED screen, which would be a step back from its OLED. Instead, the iPhone 13 has consistently been tipped to have a smaller notch, which means more room for the screen itself. That has been "confirmed" by what is perhaps the closest thing to a finished iPhone 13 Pro Max and it shows one other literally big change to the design.

Much of the focus of past iPhone 13 leaks has been on the front of the phone, which is understandable since it's what most users will be looking at most of the time. The dummy unit receive by Unbox Therapy does confirm that, at least if the model is truly accurate. The YouTuber does note that it looks and feels like a very high-quality fake model, giving a bit of weight to the claims, almost literally, too.

Given that it's a fake screen that doesn't turn on, it might not be too easy to see the notch but its size reduction is definitely noticeable. The sensors have indeed been rearranged and the earpiece speaker pushed to the edge to make it possible. It's a small change but one that could have big effects on the amount of screen real estate available.

More noticeable, however, is the back of the iPhone 13 Pro Max dummy that shows off the three cameras. Apple hasn't increased the number of cameras but it has considerably increased their sizes, possibly to accommodate the rumored sensor-shift OIS feature. Either way, the cameras even more massive this year while still retaining the same square enclosure last year.

Aside from these, the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max look virtually identical and any size differences are pretty subtle and almost unnoticeable. Of course, we're still basing it on unofficial leaks and models but, given how rumors are flowing, this is pretty much what we can expect from this year's iPhone generation.