iPhone 13 Pro dummy claims to show the final design

Apple fans are just counting down the days before the company's big annual event, and it's expected to be quite big on many accounts. It's expected to announce a number of new products, but the highlight is, of course, the iPhone 13 series. Apple's next flagship phones have been leaked to death by now, to the point that iPhone 14 rumors have started to pop up and sound more interesting. That said, one last-minute leak has just appeared, joining the growing number of "proofs" of the iPhone 13's slightly new design.

The video that popped up on Weibo shows a dummy unit for what the post claims is the final form of the iPhone 13. To be exact, this is most likely the iPhone 13 Pro, the smaller of the two "Pro" models, as can be seen by its triple cameras. On that side, it doesn't look too different from an iPhone 12 Pro, though the camera specifications are, of course, expected to have been upgraded between generations.

Flipping the phone over reveals the biggest design change this year. The notch is considerably thinner, thanks to rearranging the Face ID sensors and moving the earpiece speaker to the very top edge of the bezel. It won't be until next year's iPhone 14 are we expecting the notch to completely disappear, though that's reported still uncertain at this point.

The dummy unit shows no other visible design changes, and most of the iPhone 13's upgrades are indeed expected to be inside. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are expected to finally get that 120Hz ProMotion display long available on iPad Pros. There is also talk of bigger batteries and faster charging technologies, along with the powerful Apple A15 Bionic.

While much of the iPhone 13 is already known by now, at least unofficially, there is some uncertainty regarding prices. While Apple was reportedly set against any price hike for the iPhone 13, chip foundry TSMC announced its own fee increases that could force Apple's hand in the end. Apple's event is scheduled on September 14th and it's expected to also announce the Apple Watch Series 7, whose launch date may have been pushed back due to production issues.