iPhone 12 screen problems might have a software fix soon

Reports about this or that problem with the newly-launched iPhone 12 phones are starting to surface, which isn't surprising given it's a new product. Of course, being an Apple product means that it's held to a higher standard than others, which means flaws get more coverage than usual, too. Fortunately, it seems that Apple is already on top of at least one complaint regarding unusual behavior from iPhone 12 screens. Even better, it could be something that can be fixed by an iOS update down the line.

Owners of the new iPhone 12 have been reporting various issues with their screens that can't seem to be traced to a single cause. Some report green or gray tinting while others claim to see flickering. These issues have been reported across the whole range of iPhone 12 models running different versions of iOS 14.

MacRumors got hold of an internal Apple document distributed to its authorized service providers acknowledging that it has received reports about the problems. It is still currently investigating the issue but its guidance for these service centers is quite interesting. In effect, it is telling them not to service affected units.

The reason for this might be that Apple believes that the issues lie somewhere in its software and not a hardware flaw. Although the iPhone 12 would obviously still be in warranty, unnecessarily servicing them would still cost owners, even with a minimal fee. It would also mean they will be using up their coverage needlessly, though Apple could also just refund or reverse those later on.

Instead, Apple is telling its partners to advise owners to just keep their phones updated. MacRumors notes that last year's iPhone 11 generation was similarly plagued with a green tint issue that went away after an iOS update. Hopefully, that is also the case this year.