iPhone 12 Pro might not get that 120Hz display after all

JC Torres - Jul 1, 2020, 9:51pm CDT
iPhone 12 Pro might not get that 120Hz display after all

Apple is slowly blurring the lines that separate its devices and platforms. This year’s iPhones, for example, may even look like miniature iPad Pros. That doesn’t mean it will get the same features, of course, but there’s still some discussion on what features the iPhone 12 may inherit from Apple’s slates. As with the LIDAR camera, there is still no consensus on whether any of the iPhones will finally have a ProMotion display and the latest insider tip leans more on the side of “no”.

Apple first introduced the ProMotion Display on the 2017 iPad Pro, its marketing name for a screen technology that is capable of achieving 120 Hz refresh rates. It delivered smoother scrolling and animations which, in turn, improved the tablet’s responsiveness. It also reduced the latency of the Apple Pencil down to 20 milliseconds.

It doesn’t come without a price and that may be the reason why Apple is holding the feature back from the iPhone for now. The higher refresh itself as well as the dynamic switching between 60Hz and 120Hz has proven to be a battery drain. Not much of a problem on a large slab like an iPad Pro but it would definitely bleed an iPhone battery dry.

According to Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO Ross Young, none of his sources could confirm as 120 Hz display for the iPhone 12 Pro and presumably the iPhone 12 Pro Max as well. This contradicts claims by other major leak sources that are just as confident about their insider sources that these iPhones will indeed have ProMotion screens.

Of course, unofficial information will always carry chances of being wrong and we won’t know the real deal until September. Then again, given the iPhone’s not so satisfying battery life, it might indeed be better to put that feature off until next year when Apple is expected to have a more energy-efficient LTPO display for iPhones.

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