iPhone 12 Pro Max leak tries to settle LIDAR, 120 Hz display debate

Apple's next iPhones, though significantly delayed, have also been significantly leaked to death. There are, however, still a few things that sources are still arguing over. Those include things like the presence of a LIDAR sensor like on the latest iPad Pro, the screen's refresh rate, and the size of the notch, among other things. A new hands-on video of an alleged iPhone 12 Pro Max has just leaked to finally put those questions to rest. Unless, of course, Apple decides to pull a fast one at the last minute.

Front Page Tech's Jon Prosser does preface this leak by explaining that the information comes from a PVT or Product Validation Test unit. It is the near-final version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which means that the design and most of the hardware are already locked in. At least most of them.

The largest 2020 iPhone is confirmed to have a LIDAR sensor on its back, which probably explains the reported 10% increase in camera bump size. It will also have quite a powerful camera system, capable of recording in 4K 120 fps and even 240 fps for slo-mo. Enhanced night mode, bit depth video, and, of course, zoom are also present and accounted for.

One of the hottest debates for this year's iPhones is the presence or absence of ProMotion-like 120Hz refresh rates. Prosser's source confirms that it is indeed there, but at least for the PVT model he or she has at hand. There are, however, also PVTs without 120Hz refresh rates so there's still a slim possibility Apple might decide against it.

The short video also hints at the bezels and notch of the gigantic iPhone, though Prosser also warns that the size of the notch is just an optical illusion. This latest leak could help drive up hype for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which might begin mass production only next month, though it still leaves many questions about the rest of the iPhone 12 brood unanswered.