iPhone 12 leak points to smaller notch and Home screen widgets

While Apple is quite famous for its obsession with design and detail, some have begun to doubt its ability to continue that legacy in a post-Jobs, post-Ive world. The company has definitely made some rather unpopular decisions, even after those have been copied and popularized by its rivals. The large notch on the iPhone X and its successors is one such controversial design but it seems that Apple might be yielding a bit of ground in the next iPhone coming later this year.

No, it isn't giving up on that notch in exchange for a waterdrop, a punch hole, or much less a gimmicky pop-up camera. It can't really afford to give up space considering the hardware that's there. Its only other option would be to go back to a large bezel the way the Google Pixel 4 did.

Based on a recent leak, Apple will at least make the notch narrower. Whether it will do so by packing the front-facing components closer together or removing an inessential part is still anyone's guess. That will at least leave more usable screen space at the two corners, perhaps for more status indicators.

That same leak, however, makes an even bigger revelation. There has already been talk about Apple allowing widgets to be placed on the Home screen like they are now on iPadOS. This serves as visual but still unofficial confirmation of that, as well as some idea of how it might work.

Of course, Apple might still change its mind if it concludes that the new experience would be too complicated for users. Home screen widgets, however, could spur a new market for widget apps given the more prominent place they would enjoy.