iPhone 11 touchscreen issues get a free repair program

Given the nature and design of smartphones, the touch screen display is one of if not the most important part of the phone, at least for users. When it goes awry, the phone can become pretty useless, turning into an expensive paperweight, especially if it's an expensive iPhone. Fortunately, Apple does, from time to time, acknowledge that it isn't the user's fault and initiates a program to repair or replace malfunctioning screens at no extra cost, just like this new program for a specific batch of iPhone 11 units.

There were some complaints about the iPhone 11's screen after it launched last year but some were less serious than others. Some reports last June about the screen getting a green tint was probably an annoyance at worst, at least compared to one that actually affects the screen's functionality. It turns out that some users have experienced the screen not responding at all to touch, making the all-screen phone rather useless.

Apple has acknowledged that such an issue does exist and that a faulty display module is to blame. Of course, it also says that only a small percentage of iPhone 11 units exhibit this behavior. Given there was not much uproar about such a critical flaw, we'll take Apple's word for it.

Not all iPhone 11 models are affected by these touch issues and Apple will only accept those manufactured between November 2019 and May 2020 into the repair program. Of course, users won't know that off-hand so Apple included a small web-based utility to check if you're eligible. If you are, you'll have to go through the usual authorized service channels.

The iPhone 11 display module repair is free and those that already paid for repairs prior to this program can ask for a refund. That said, Apple notes that if the iPhone 11 has other damages other than touch, the owner might have to pay for those before the display module itself is repaired.