iPhone 11 models exhibit green tint appearing briefly after unlocking

Apple's iPhones have long been the king of LCD displays but it has recently moved over to OLEDs just like its long-time rival Samsung. It still has some of the highest scores there, of course, but some might be wondering now if something went wrong during that transition. Some owners a variety of iPhone 11 models are reporting a brief flash of green tint on their screen after unlocking the phone and, considering there's no readily available explanation, there are some that wonder if Apple is starting to slip up.

The only thing that seems to be common among all the reports is that their screens turn a tinge of green for a few seconds after unlocking the phone. Some have been able to permanently banish the monster after a restart but others weren't so lucky. Fortunately, the screen does go back to normal but it is the uncertainty of the bug that is driving people to worry.

Some theorize that it could be a problem with Apple's OLED display since even some iPhone X owners claim to be plagued by the ghastly screen. Unfortunately, that theory flies in the face of the iPhone 11's Retina LCD panel.

On the other hand, it doesn't seem to be a simple software issue either. Although the reports covered iOS versions 13.4.1 to iOS 13.5, the issue doesn't seem to disappear when taking a screenshot and viewing the photo on another device.

If anything, the real source could be a combination of both, something that only Apple probably knows. Although a more formal statement isn't yet available, if it's coming at all, Apple has reportedly authorized resellers to make display replacements for devices still under warranty. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to fix the issue for those iPhones either.