iPhone 11 Pro Max may be the most durable iPhone yet

JC Torres - Sep 24, 2019, 7:31am CDT
iPhone 11 Pro Max may be the most durable iPhone yet

JerryRigEverything’s Zach Nelson wasn’t a big fan of Apple’s iPhones. The removal of the headphone jack, the claims of sapphire material, and the glass back raised red flags for the YouTuber whose business revolves around testing those claims. But with the market moving towards exactly those trends, there’s almost no use but to accept the upcoming reality. And when you get over those disappointments, you might realize that the iPhone 11 Pro Max might be one of the most durable phones in the market, iPhone or otherwise.

“Glass is glass and glass will break” is one of Nelson’s favorite quotes. His trio of tests don’t cover drop tests, however, so, at least as far as those are concerned, it’s the way the glass can withstand scratches that’s more important.

Fortunately, both front and back glass are quite resilient. Perhaps even more impressive is the back glass that will manage to actually damage blades and coins that rub against the material. Nelson is also particularly satisfied that Apple has stopped advertising that its cameras are protected by sapphire glass material. Fortunately, they are protected by the same glass that protects the screen and the glass back.

Apple has also learned from all the bendgate shame and has made the iPhone 11 Pro Max a sturdy beast. The glass-stainless steel-glass sandwich doesn’t even yield a bit when the might Nelson tried. Also just as important is the higher level of water resistance that Apple advertises and that the YouTuber can’t really test.

This, along with independent drop tests, seem to mark the iPhone 11 generation as one of the toughest phones around that doesn’t look like a tank. Of course, for its price, it should be as durable and enduring as it can be.

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