iPhone 11 durability isn't its weak point

This year, Apple has finally checked off some of the boxes that iPhone users have been begging for for years while still managing to be typical Apple in others. It has a triple camera system now, at least on its iPhone 11 Pro models, and supports a very fast wired, still not wireless, charging even if it didn't ship the matching charger in the box. Despite the advancements, there is still some part of Apple that seems to refuse to move forward, as seen in the iPhone 11. Fortunately, despite being its cheapest this year, buyers won't be complaining about its durability at least.

The iPhone 11 is so different from the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max that it could very well have been its own generation. In fact, it might as well be part of last year's iPhones, which is the point that Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything fame wanted to make. It is also that different that he was curious enough to give it its own durability test.

Fortunately, the $700 2019 iPhone is as sturdy as last year's $750 iPhone XR, its direct predecessor. It may not have a frosted glass back that damaged razors instead of the other way around but the glass on its front and back are strong enough to withstand keys and blades. The aluminum frame is not the stainless steel of the Pro models but never yielded to the forces of physics nonetheless.

There is at least one hidden "downgrade" to what Nelson jokingly calls the banana phone. While equally rated at IP68, iPhone 11 only has "normal" water resistance compared to the iPhone 11 Pro's special version. The iPhone 11 can only go as deep as 2 meters while the more expensive models can dive deeper down to 4 meters for 30 minutes. Regardless, it shouldn't be something most users would want to subject their phones to, especially in abrasive saltwater.

While the iPhone 11 is as physically strong as its forebears, it is unfortunately also as limited as them. It is, to some extent, a "classic" iPhone for those who still want the brand, and an additional camera, but are willing to skimp on the features for a matching price tag.