IPEVO unveils P2V USB webcam on articulating stand

The thing I dislike about most webcams is that they are designed to sit on the top of your monitor. That means that depending on how large an LCD you use the camera is either up too high making you have to look up at it or down to low so you have to hunch over. IPEVO has unveiled a new webcam called the P2V that is on an articulating arm and can be more at your level.

The cameras itself has a pen-style body and the articulating arm pivots at three points. The arm looks like something you would find on a desk lamp more than a webcam. The camera has 2MP resolution and features a macro mode for capturing images of items as close as 2-inches away.

IPEVO claims the camera will work with both Mac and Windows computers and it connects via a USB port. The cam supports most chat platforms including Skype, Google Talk, AOL and more. The camera is available at the IPEVO site now for $69.