iPen active stylus for iPad tipped

If you are the sort that uses your iPad a lot for taking notes or drawing you will like this product that has landed on Kickstarter. The product is called the iPen and it is billed as the first active stylus for the iPad. It has a pen sized stylus and a device that plugs into the charge and sync port of your iPad. The two parts combined allow the iPad to capture handwriting and drawing.

The iPen is sensitive enough to sense how close you are to the screen and it allows for precise control of line thickness using a different pin tip. The iPad also senses the palm of your hand and rejects that allowing you to place the palm on your screen and still write or draw normally. The company is making the iPen so it will work with popular software.

The pen will work with handwriting apps including Ghostwriter Notes, My Notebook!, iWriteWords, and GoodNotes. The company is negotiating with the firms behind drawing apps like ArtRage and SketchBox Pro to integrate support for the pen. The iPen will not work with all iPad apps. Cregle Inc is looking for $35,000 to bring the iPen to market and has $26,645 of that amount right now. They have until December 26 to raise the needed money.

[Thanks Steve!]