iPass giving consumers Hotspot access and more

James Allan Brady - Mar 31, 2008

iPass has long been a purveyor of WWAN and WiFi hotspot access, but up until now its been limited to employees of corporations who bought into the service. Today there are two new tidbits regarding iPass, first the addition of a lot of WiFi hotspots, second they are going to start offering their services to individuals.

With a subscription to the services that iPass is offering you get access to all of the hotspots from T-Mobile, AT&T, and Wayport as well as several thousand overseas. You also usually get access to dial-up and high speed internet access in certain hotels all at no extra cost.

iPass has even added access to 3G EV-DO networks from both Sprint and Verizon to their repertoire. For the personal accounts they have two different ones. For $29.95 you get access to every single hotspot partner iPass has within the US. For $69.95 you get all that, plus 3G EV-DO service from Sprint only when you buy one of iPass’ EV-DO cards. An extra $20 added onto the EV-DO included one nets you access to all of iPass’ hotspot partners, the worldwide which puts the total up to 90,000 hotspots.

[via GearLog]

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