Ipan Ipan unveils Qi wireless charging case for Xperia Z

A company called Ipan Ipan has been producing cases that allow for wireless charging for various smartphones for a while. The company has just unveiled a new wireless charging case using Qi Wireless charging technology. This new case is specifically for the Sony Xperia Z.

The case is a flip style with a flap that folds over to protect the screen and unfolds when you want to use your device. Inside the case is wireless Qi charging receiver that allows users to place the Sony smartphone on a wireless magnetic induction charger without having to fiddle with wires. The company says that the case can be had in several colors and made from several materials.

The manufacturer says that this was the most difficult wireless charging case it ever designed because of how the smartphone works. The Xperia Z lacks a removable back or access to the battery so using a special back cover was out of the question. The company says it also couldn't use the micro USB port so it had to come up with a solution that uses the two pin connectors normally used when the Xperia Z docking station is attached.

That means with this case covering those two pin connectors, you will have to take the smartphone out of the wireless charging case to dock it. The case is available with or without a charging pad right now. Pricing for the case alone is €39 and the case along with the charging pad is available for €89.

[via Ipan Ipan]