iPads less desired than Windows tablets, says study

According to new study by Boston Consulting Group, there's a surprising amount of interest in tablets running Microsoft's Windows operating system, more so than iPads. Sales figures for Windows tablet PCs versus iPads certainly don't support the survey results, but the interest is perhaps generated from Microsoft's recent preview of Windows 8, which won't be hitting the market until next year.

The study claims that 42 percent of US consumers prefer to have the Windows operating system on their tablets. Apple's iOS comes in second at 27 percent, followed by Android at 20 percent, BlackBerry at 9 percent, and Palm OS at 3 percent. The study also surveyed Chinese consumers, which yielded similar results but with more interest in Windows and iOS at 44 percent and 34 percent, respectively, and less interest in Android, BlackBerry, and PalmOS.

The method in which the survey was conducted as well as the survey size were not detailed, but according to AllThingsD, the study's odd result isn't completely out in left field. A similar poll conducted earlier this year by Forrester also revealed Microsoft's Windows to be the most preferred operating system on a tablet. This means that when Windows 8 tablets are ready to hit the market, the tablet landscape could see a dramatic shift.

Microsoft's Windows 8 preview looks promising and they're definitely ramping up their ecosystem of services. Today, the company announced an expanded suite of content, partners, and features for its Xbox LIVE platform, which will eventually be integrated with Windows 8.