iPad3.com turned over to Apple

A few days ago, we mentioned that Apple had filed a request to have the domain iPad3.com transferred to its ownership. The sort of thing isn't uncommon for Apple do, in the past it has had domains having to do with the iPhone transferred to its ownership. The original complaint by Apple was filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization at the end of June over the iPad domain.

Like most sensible people, the original owner of the domain realized it had no chance under the pressure from Apple's legal team and simply turned the domain over to Apple IP attorneys. The domain was originally owned by company called Global Access and as of now the Whois record shows Apple's IP firm Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton as the registered owner.

Eventually the domain will be transferred from the legal firm's ownership over to Apple. I would suspect more than a few people trying to dig up some information on the latest iPad likely typed in that domain expecting something official. Ultimately, this domain is likely to be pointed at the official iPad page and be yet another landing page for the popular tablet.

[via Fusible]