iPad Used in a Real Working Arcade Unit

The iPad is a tablet. And while Apple would have you convinced that it's a magical and revolutionary piece of technology, we're more convinced of its magical aspects when we see dangerously clever people like this create wonderfully amazing items such as this working arcade unit. Unlike others before it, this version is completely functional, and you're able to use the physical controls to manipulate what's on the screen.

Thanks to the fine folks over at FREEKADE, we've seen the first glimpse of a real, working arcade unit with an iPad shoved inside for good measure. And while the model from ThinkGeek may have looked more aesthetically pleasing, that model didn't work — and was only being planned to be a real thing, eventually. This model, while plain and simple, actually makes your iPad a functioning arcade unit.

As the description in the YouTube video explains, this isn't a VNC-type client; everything is working locally on the iPad. "It's a real working machine using arcade controls..." Simply put, you'll be able to have your own little arcade in your bedroom, or living room, to make sure that you get that much-needed dosage of nostalgia every day. Right now, it's just a working prototype, but we're hoping that we get to see some final builds here soon enough. Video is below, so feast your eyes.

[via YouTube]