iPad USB Camera Connection dongle supports keyboards & audio headsets

Having seen the first in-the-wild shots of Apple's new Camera Connector Kit for the iPad over the weekend, the feedback now seems even more positive.  TUAW have heard that the USB half of the kit, billed solely as a way to plug in your digital camera, will also work with a USB keyboard for wired text entry.  Meanwhile they also point to TidBITS who have been having luck with USB headsets.

They plugged a regular USB audio headset – complete with earphones and microphone – into the USB dongle, and it was recognized by the iPad immediately.  They could then use it for VoIP using the iPhone Skype app, with quality supposedly being very high.  Of course, the iPad also has a built-in microphone, but this way you can leave it on the table while you work rather than holding it closer to your mouth.   The Apple Store online is still showing a 2-3 wait, but some of the members over at Everything iPad have already received theirs.

[Image via Jerrodh]