iPad reboot ushered in with look back at industry dominance

This morning Apple is making clear they do not intend to take the ever-growing tablet industry – or their market share – for granted with the introduction of a new set of iPads. But before letting these new machines become official, they've gone and run down the numbers. The biggest of these – and perhaps most impressive, is a marker of tablet usage share: Apple suggests that the iPad has a whopping 81% of the current usage market.

Apple also suggests that the iPad has consistently been rated as #1 in customer satisfaction in a collection of ratings. They also made clear that at this point, a cumulative 170 million iPads have been sold. That's the number – total – over all versions of the iPad since the first.

"We know this is just the beginning for iPad" – Tim Cook

"Other companies would be incredibly proud to just have one of these products. But we couldn't be more pleased to present all of them to you in time for the holidays" – Tim Cook

Time Cook spoke about all of these things with excitement, as if to lead up to a main point in the near future onstage – we're banking on a new set of iPads before the event is over. Stick around as we have a peek at the rest through our large Apple Hub all day long!