iPad puts old-school beat down on netbooks

I have found myself becoming more and more interested in using the iPad rather than my notebook or a netbook for general computer use when I am away from my desktop. The thing will do everything my notebooks will do except Flash video, which I rarely miss. Retrevo has conducted a survey on iPad sales and how many buyers would have previously purchased a netbook with some impressive results.

According to the survey – which polled more than 1000 individuals across a range of gender, age, and income – a whopping 30% of those interested in a netbook waited until the iPad launched and ended up buying the iPad rather than a netbook. Another 30% of those surveyed ended up buying a netbook without waiting for the iPad, and 40% waited for the iPad, but bought a netbook.

That means out of the users the survey polled, a full 30% of those in the market for a netbook waited for the iPad and ended up buying the iPad. Those still considering an iPad or a netbook are leaning overwhelmingly to the iPad by 78%. The survey also looked at the number of users deciding between a laptop and a netbook and 65% of the folks surveyed are leaning towards a notebook.