iPad Pro Smart Keyboard gets Arabic, Italian, British English layouts

Unless you've been exposed to other cultures and languages, you might presume that keyboards, be they for typewriters or computers, are a one size fits all kind of thing when it comes to the arrangement and characters on them. You might be surprised at the sometimes subtle variations in existence. Most keyboards, especially for mobile devices, sadly fail to take those into account. Apple, however, is quite keen on appealing to as many countries as possible, which is why it is now putting out Arabic, Italian, and British English layouts for its Smart Keyboards for the iPad Pro tablets of both sizes.

Some might wonder why Apple took so long to put out other versions of the keyboard, considering it has been almost a year since it unveiled the iPad Pro and its Smart Keyboard. We'll never know the real deal, but better late than never, right?

Fortunately, there isn't going to be any substantial difference between these new keyboards and the original US layout, aside from the layout itself of course, so there will be no reason for early adopters to feel envious of their international counterparts. The keyboard is made from the same fine materials as the original. Heck, even the price is to match the original as well.

Of course, there are far more layouts in the world, like the AZERTY keyboards used in quite a number of European countries. No word yet if and when Apple plans to support other layouts.

But as we near the first anniversary of the iPad Pro, the bigger question, as far accessories are concerned, is whether we will see anything beyond keyboards taking advantage of the iPad Pro's smart connectors. So far, the outlook has been pretty bleak but hopefully that will change soon.