iPad Pro in April could come with significant upgrades

Years ago, market analysts and tech pundits have declared tablets to be dead. They probably didn't foresee Apple reviving and then conquering that market with the release of the iPad Pro line. From a new tablet-oriented iPadOS to ditching Lightning for USB-C, Apple has been continuously redefining its iPads from top to bottom. The next iPad Pros will definitely fit the bill, at least according to this latest info dump, and it won't just be because of a mini LED display.

Rumors and insider tips have long talked about what this year's iPad Pros would bring. Most of those focused on the switch to a mini LED screen, at least for the larger 12.9-inch model. Just recently, there have also been talks about the processor that will go inside both Apple tablets, and Bloomberg's Mark Gurman just added fuel to the fires of excitement.

According to the journalist, the processor in the new iPad Pros will be on par with the Apple M1 found in the new breed of ARM-based Macs. He doesn't specifically name the processor, though, but some have already named it the Apple A14X. Gurman's insider sources, however, don't end there.

The iPad Pros will also make a switch to Thunderbolt, which would still be compatible with USB-C that the tablets just embraced. This upgrade would put it more in line with the MacBook Pros and offer faster data transfer rates. This will be perfect not just for external hard drives but also for the growing number of Thunderbolt monitors in the market.

These changes definitely take the iPad Pros closer to their MacBook cousins but Apple hasn't forgotten about their non-Pro siblings either. The same report says that the base iPads will be getting thinner and lighter bodies this year and the iPad mini will even get a larger screen, though probably still in the same physical dimensions and overall design. The new iPad Pros are expected to debut in April but there are now rumors that it might not come with 5G yet.