iPad Pro ads claim it is not a computer

Remember the once humorous "Mac vs PCs" ads of yesteryears? Actor Justin Long, who portrayed the Mac side of the fence, has already moved on from computers to smartphones, specifically a Huawei phone, and Apple is doing likewise. Somewhat. The company, who still makes Macs, has launched a few new ads touting the benefits of an iPad Pro and how it is better than a computer. But in doing so it is claiming, perhaps mistakenly, that it is not a computer.

So instead of an "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" theme, Apple is going for an "I'm an iPad Pro, I'm a computer" face off. The short ads, just 16 seconds in length, are a mixed bag of humor. They all start off with overblown tweets bemoaning one limitation or another of computers, particularly PCs. Naturally, it then goes off to say how the iPad Pro is much better than these because it isn't one.

That said, there might be a few jumps in logic and assumptions made in these ads for the sake of advertisement, which isn't exactly out of the ordinary. For example, one ad says how an iPad Pro doesn't get PC viruses. While amazing at face value (which is what most consumers will probably think about), that's the same as saying that Android phones don't get PC viruses. It's technically true, but that's not to say the iPad Pro, or iOS for that matter, is completely immune to malware.

One ad also talks about how the iPad Pro can let you practically work anywhere, even where there's no Wi-Fi, because of 4G connectivity. That, however, is only true for some models. Plus, some laptops do actually come with support for SIM cards as well, making this point almost moot.

The one factually accurate claim the ads make is that the iPad Pro does have Microsoft Word available. It's not the full version, sure, but it works. Interestingly, the most factual ad is perhaps also the most boring.

Perhaps most curious is the clip that does actually say that the iPad Pro is not a computer, for all the reasons above. Apple seems to be willing to redefine what the word "computer" means. But even if we were to adopt that re-definition, that would still mean that some Android tablets and the Surface 3 (with LTE) could still trump it in some aspects.