iPad Pro 9.7-inch revealed with new display tech

If you were a big fan of the iPad Pro, but for some reason wanted all of those features packed into a much smaller screen, then you'll be delighted to hear that Apple has been listening. Today at their Town Hall meeting they announced a new 9.7" version of their Pro iPad. That's just over 2 inches smaller than the original.

Apple discovered that the most popular of their tablets is their iPad Air 2. With a 9.7" screen and weighing just under a pound, they decided that this must be the perfect size and shape for the newest iPad Pro. However, there are plenty of upgrades that you won't find in the Air. The screen has 40% less reflectivity, and is 25% brighter than the Air 2. In fact, with a screen brightness of 500 nits, they claim that it's the brightest tablet in the world.

The latest Pro device works with all of the latest iOS features, such as Night Shift, which makes the screen color a bit easier on your eyes as evening turns to night. You'll also find a new True Tone display, which is pretty revolutionary. Rather than always emitting the same color temperatures, the smaller iPad Pro comes equipped with two four-channel ambient light sensors. Depending on the type of light in the room, it will adjust the temperature of the screen's colors to match.

For audio, Apple chose to go with four speakers working in stereo, positioned at each of the corners of the device. Depending on how you're holding the tablet, the audio will adjust to use the correct speakers for the best sound quality.

The iPad Pro's little brother will sport an A9X chip, with an integrated M9 coprocessor, to deliver the fastest performance possible. This looks to be the same configuration as its bigger brother.

In the camera department, you'll find a 12MP iSight camera on the back, which can record 4K video. It comes equipped with a True Tone Flash, and a brand new image signal processor. And for those that love panoramas, it can deliver panorama photos up to 63MP. On the front you'll find a 5MP Facetime camera with a retina flash.

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Naturally, since it's a Pro device, you'll need a keyboard for it. Apple will be releasing a smaller keyboard that's identical to the original Pro's, only smaller to fit this particular device. They are also releasing a new Lightning card reader, and Lightning USB camera adapter. The powered camera adapter can also be used for other USB devices such as an Ethernet adapter, or a microphone.

The 9.7-inch device will come in three sizes, ranging from 32GB to the larger 256GB option, which wasn't available on the original iPad Pro. Prices start at $599 for the 32GB option, and go up to $899 for the 256GB one.

The smaller iPad Pro will be available in four metalic finishes, including the new rose gold. Pre-orders start on Thursday, March 24th, and the devices will start shipping next week on March 31st.