iPad Pro 10.5 iFixit Teardown Unmasks An iPad Pro 12.9 Mini

Given their proximity in sizes, the new iPad Pro 10.5 is more often compared to last year's iPad Pro 9.7. But, as they say, looks can be deceiving. In tearing down the new "Goldilocks" of iPad Pros, iFixit discovered that the 10.5-inch newcomer has, in fact, more in common with the larger 12.9-inch model from late 2015 when it comes to the internals. But rather than being a bad thing, in some ways it could be the start of a more standard, and only so slightly easier to repair, iPad Pro line.

iFixit notes that the iPad Pro 9.7's internals were practically similar to the non-Pro iPads before it. In contrast, the 12.9-inch tablet wasn't simply an oversized iPad but one with a new internal layout. After nearly 2 years, it seems that Apple has started to standardize on that layout, as seen inside the iPad Pro 10.5. And that might be a good thing.

For one, it means that knowledge and skill is transferable between the two iPad Pro models rather than juggling two different layouts. For another, the improvements Apple made in the larger iPad Pro has seemingly trickled down to the smaller model. For example, the cable connecting the display to the logic board is now located at the bottom center, reducing the risks of accidentally cutting it damaging it while trying to pry the iPad Pro open.

That said, it seems that the iPad Pro 10.5 also does worse than the iPad Pro 12.9 in some respects. Everything is glued down even more than before. The speakers, for example, is ridiculously held down by both screws and glue. To add insult to injury, Apple has apparently removed the pull tabs that made removing the battery a tad easier.

And so the iPad Pro 10.5 scores a measly 2 out of 10 in iFixit's eyes, making it harder, though not impossible, to repair. Bonus points for using more standard screws, but having adhesive all over definitely makes it a trying experience.

SOURCE: iFixit