iPad mini Pro rumors start raising hopes and eyebrows

The iPad mini has remained relatively unchanged in almost half a decade, at least aside from spec upgrades and the admittedly surprising addition of Apple Pencil support. That, however, may finally change this year, as some tipsters and analysts, like the famed Ming-chi Kuo, believe that the iPad mini will look slightly different for the first time in a long while. Now a new rumor has sprung up and, while sketchy, it does seem to be generating some interest over an iPad mini Pro later this year.

For years, the iPad mini has stuck to its now aged design and 7.9-inch screen. According to the leaks, the 2021 model, which would be its sixth generation, would have a larger screen, somewhere between 8.4 to 9 inches. The catch, however, is that it will remain with the exact same dimensions and design, only with thinner bezels to accommodate the larger screen.

In South Korea, however, a rumor points to an iPad mini Pro with even more differences than the anticipated iPad mini 6. This would have an 8.7-inch screen, a wider body, and a longer height. Other than that, it remains silent on what other changes there will be, leaving the rest up to speculation.

This iPad mini Pro rumor raises many questions, including what will be "pro" about it. With upgraded specs and Apple Pencil support, the current and next-gen iPad minis may already be considered pro models of their category. Apple could throw in some form of Smart Keyboard but it's almost unimaginable that it would diversify and dilute its product line in that manner.

In fact, such an iPad mini Pro would have to answer the question of who would buy such a device in the first place. 9to5Mac explains that the iPad mini's continuing success is mostly thanks to businesses who prefer things go unchanged over years to remain compatible with systems and accessories they might have invested in. Expected changes to the iPad mini 6 indeed hint at that more conservative upgrade, suggesting there might not be a big market for an iPad mini Pro in the end.