iPad mini part numbers reveal 24 different models

Today, we got word that Apple is officially holding an event on October 23, which is most likely when the company will announce the heavily-rumored iPad mini, and possibly a 13-inch Retina-equipped MacBook Pro and new Mac minis. However, the main event is the iPad mini, and it turns out that there might be 24 different models of the new device when it releases.

First off, 24 different models doesn't means that Apple will offer 24 different configurations of the iPad mini. It means that there will probably be two, three, or even four versions that may come in both WiFi and WiFi+3G variants. Then, each version will have colors to choose from. This will roughly end up to around 24 different models.

The part numbers themselves are quite interesting. You'll see numbers P101, P103, P105, and P107 in the list. These numbers may correspond to the different capacities of the iPad mini, which would probably be 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. Then again, they could correspond to the different connectivity options.

Each "P" number also has three different designations called "GOOD", "BETTER", and "BEST". Again, this may refer to capacity size with 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB being likely capacities, or they may correspond to connectivity with there possibly being multiple WiFi+3G models for different cellular networks.

Then, there is either an "A" or "B" next to each model. It's said this may have something to do with color options with either black or white to choose from. In the end, we're not sure exactly what the letters, numbers, and words represent, but come next week, we'll certainly know for sure. Stay tuned!

[via MacRumors]