iPad mini gets drop-tested

As with any new Apple product, there's always the need to see how the devices will fare when being dropped from chest-height onto a rock-hard slab of good 'ole concrete. Obviously, we all usually know what the result ends up being, but it's still interesting to watch nonetheless. Hot on the heels of the official launch of the iPad mini, a brave soul took the liberty to see how well the new device stands against concrete.Android Authority ended up getting an iPad mini this morning during the official launch of the device, and the first thing they did was drop it like a hot potato. However, the Nexus 7 came along for the ride, and the two were compared to see which device would hold up better when dropped at various angles.

Not surprisingly, both tablets ended up with cracked displays, but the Nexus 7 actually took more of a beating than the iPad mini. The rear casing eventually snapped off, and bits of plastic were broken off, as well as bits of glass from the display. The iPad mini's display actually survived the first round, only receiving damage on the corner.

After three rounds of drops, both devices took some obvious damage, and the iPad mini was still fully functional despite the broken screen. However, the Nexus 7 was able to boot up, but the screen was unresponsive to touch. Obviously, any gadget will break if you drop it, but every gadget has its own threshold where it will become unoperational after gets so much damage, but according to this drop test, the iPad mini seems to have a high tolerance for damage, while the Nexus 7...not so much.

[via Android Authority]