iPad mini 2 thickens with case leak

There's a China Sourcing Fair going on this week with a selection of electronics and accessories, and in the masses a set of iPad cases has appeared. The iPad mini 2 (the 2nd generation iPad mini, that is) in particular has raised eyebrows as one carrier seems to have revealed the thickness of the device as slightly larger than that of the original pad. This case – like all early release cases – could be innacurate, but as they say they are working with early models, it would appear that this device could take on the same increase in size revealed with the transition between the iPad 2 and the iPad 3, with retina display.

The tablet case itself reveals little more of the product's final body – even the headphone jack and power button spaces have been carved out in largeness to make certain they've hit the mark for the final device, no matter where the buttons are placed. There's also a back-facing mic hole and a topside mic hole, it would seem, while the tablet itself will keep its same length and the width also increases by 0.2mm.

NOTE: The hero image in this article comes from an earlier leak.

The case suggests that the iPad mini will increase from 7.2mm in thickness to 7.5mm in thickness, perhaps owing to the addition of retina display technology. Meanwhile it would appear that the iPad 5 (or 5th generation iPad) will be keeping the same thickness if not reducing it somewhat with its release hitting the market soon. Both of these machines are tipped to be revealed by Apple on the 22nd of October.

If there's a place to find an odd case or two – legitimate or two – it'll be a China Sourcing Fares. This doesn't mean the products we're seeing today are the real deal, but a case maker doesn't generally make a case without at least a pretty excellent idea of the dimensions of a product, especially when its a fitted case such as the one we're seeing here.

Thanks DANBO for the tip!

VIA: Maotakara