iPad is the New Christ

Or at least that's what the folks at One More Thing are saying, in a way, in a totally fun way, might I add, as they've here created for the world an all-apple Nativity Scene (aka Christmas Creche) for you to print out and set up for yourself. You'll find all your favorites here illustrated to witness the holy birth of the iPad. God, forgive them for their sin (if you would consider such a thing a sin,) as this is totally a bunch of fun and in no way takes away from the fun of your son's birthday party.

In the scene you'll find Jonathan Ive, Tim Cook, and Phil Schiller as three shepards, pundits David Pogue, Walt Mossberg, and John Gruber as the three wise men, and of course Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak on a segway as Mary and Joseph. With a little baby Jesus – I mean iPad in the center! Behind all of this you'll find the manger had been transformed into an Apple store, the Genius Bar right in the center under the guiding starlight of the Apple logo. Merry Apple!

[Via Tuaw]