iPad helps Dell swipe second place from Acer

There have been many computer markers that have been hammered by the iPad and the tablet market in general as sales of their cheap netbooks drop in the face of the tablet. While many makers cry and curse the tablet and its stealing of netbook market, Dell has benefitted impressively from the iPad.

iSuppli has offered up the numbers for the computer market in Q4 2010 and for the entire year of 2010 and the numbers show that Dell edged out Acer to take the number two spot in the market. The industry leader was still HP. Acer was hit hard since it had strong netbook sales and consumers flocked to the iPad and tier tablets.

Dell with its robust enterprise business that still focuses on notebooks was able to maintain its sales. The strong enterprise sales allow Dell to beat Acer by 2%. iSuppli also notes that the overall Q4 PC shipments set a record with 93 million units shipped, an increase of 5% compared to 2009. HP shipped 64.8 million PCs, Dell shipped 43.8 million and Acer shipped 41.5 million computers for all of 2010.

[via AllThingsD]