iPad Fit Scales mockup: Don't try this at home

Sometimes an image doesn't need much explaining.  Spotted over at Thili, this mockup of a set of "iPad Fit Scales" isn't what we'd choose to do with our own iPad, but if you could somehow coax the Apple slate into telling you your weight then at least you could save a few bucks on that Withings WiFi Body Scale.

Of course, the iPad lacks weight sensors and, while the glass display is reasonably sturdy, we wouldn't quite trust ourselves to stand one it.  That's not to mention the sort of marks you'd leave; if you think the iPad is a fingerprint-magnet, how about adding toeprints into the mixture too!  We can't figure out who to blame/credit for the original art, so if you know where the mockup originated from then let us know in the comments.

[via MobileHub]